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DMMR Mine Files for Yavapai County

The following is a list of our mine files that have been digitized as of July 25, 2006. Funding to digitize files pertaining to BLM land was provided by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. Many hours of hard work by our volunteers have also greatly contributed to this project. The work continues and many more files are being added each day. Because of copyright issues, the files are not available yet from our web pages. Please contact the department for more information.

Mine NameTownship, Range, Section
Abe LincolnT8N, R3W, Sec 11
Acquisition 1-5T8N, R1E, Sec 6
AdakT9N, R1W, Sec 8
Adventure & Lizbeth M.S. 4175T13N, R1E, Sec 30
Allen Rhyolite DepositT8N, R3W, Sec 4
Al Schmid CopperT8N, R4W, Sec 23
AlvaradoT10N, R5W, Sec 21
Amelia PlacersT9.5N, R2E, Sec 29
Ammill-Ambest GroupT9N, R3W, Sec 16
Anderson MineT11N, R10W, Sec 11
Apache Brown Schist QuarryT12N, R1E, Sec 23
Apache ClaimsT8N, R3W, Sec 30
Arizona NationalT13N, R1E, Sec 20
Arizona Virginia Cu Co.T8N, R2W, Sec 7
BagdadT14N, R9W, Sec 4
Bagdad PumiceT14.5N, R8W, Sec 30
Bar Copper Mining Co.PropertyT8N, R2E, Sec 9
Beehive ClaimT12N, R3W, Sec 20
BeehiveT10N, R4W, Sec 33
Big Bug CopperT12N, R2E, Sec 7
Big Dike And HomesteadT10N, R2E, Sec 18
Big LodeT13N, R7W, Sec 22
Birchfield FeldsparT8N, R5W, Sec 21
Bishop PropertyT9N, R4W, Sec 4
Bit Of HopeT10N, R3W, Sec 13
B-J 1-3T9N, R4W, Sec 5
Black Canyon PlacersT9.5N, R2E, Sec 32
Black DykeT10N, R5W, Sec 23
Black HawkT8N, R3W, Sec 3
Black MountainT7N, R3W, Sec 12
BlandT10N, R2E, Sec 9
Blue Bird GroupT8N, R1W, Sec 4
Blue RockT8N, R3W, Sec 21
Blue Silver 1 & 2T14N, R2E, Sec 31
BoazT9N, R2W, Sec 1
Boggs Patented 908T12N, R1E, Sec 4
Box PlacerT7N, R3W, Sec 12
Bragg EstateT11N, R4W, Sec 14
BruceT14N, R9W, Sec 20
BS ClaimsT10N, R7W, Sec 11
Buckhorn (Drum) GroupT8N, R3W, Sec 23
Buckhorn PropertyT8N, R2W, Sec 28
BuckhornT8N, R2W, Sec 17
Buena VistaT7N, R3W, Sec 1
BullardT8N, R10W, Sec 11
Bull HillT8N, R3W, Sec 8
Bumble BeeT9.5N, R2E, Sec 20
Burnbrite Silver ProspectT7N, R1W, Sec 21
Byron Moyer GoldT11N, R4W, Sec 23
CaliforniaT13N, R1E, Sec 31
Callahan ClaimsT14N, R9W, Sec 17
Camp BT8N, R3W, Sec 20
Castle Creek DepositT8N, R1W, Sec 27
Castle GroupT13N, R4W, Sec 1
Cats PauseT8N, R4W, Sec 29
Chance GroupT14N, R9W, Sec 5
Clay ClaimsT9N, R2E, Sec 22
Cleveland GroupT13N, R1E, Sec 19
Climax TungstenT8N, R3W, Sec 35
Coarse Gold & Higley PatT8N, R4W, Sec 2
ColossalT9N, R2W, Sec 1
Commodore GroupT9N, R4W, Sec 11
Comstock DexsterT15N, R9W, Sec 28
CongressT10N, R6W, Sec 23
Congress Porphyry CopperT10N, R6W, Sec 20
Consolidated Grand Union GroupT9N, R1W, Sec 18
Copper BlossomT8N, R3W, Sec 3
Copper ChiefT8N, R10W, Sec 13
Copper CrownT11N, R3W, Sec 6
Copper King 1T14N, R9W, Sec 8
Copper Mountain Schist QuarryT14N, R2E, Sec 18
CopperopolisT9N, R2W, Sec 34
Copper Queen 1T14N, R9W, Sec 20
Copper Queen 2T12N, R2E, Sec 6
Cordes Custom Milling FacicityT11N, R2E, Sec 33
CrosbyT13N, R8W, Sec 9
Crossroads ClaimsT9N, R2W, Sec 25
Crown PointT9N, R2W, Sec 30
Daniel BuoyT9N, R3W, Sec 35
Dean GroupT9N, R1W, Sec 15
Denver MineT8N, R3W, Sec 9
Desert GoldT10N, R4W, Sec 19
De Vault PlacersT10N, R4W, Sec 18
Devils NestT10N, R4W, Sec 31
Diamond JoeT8N, R3W, Sec 30
DianaT8N, R1E, Sec 11
Dike ProspectT8N, R9W, Sec 11
Dixie QueenT12N, R5W, Sec 34
Duco BoyT9N, R2W, Sec 32
Eagle Messinger Harrison & LST11N, R5W, Sec 22
Echo MineT11N, R2E, Sec 31
Echo Mountain Shist QuarryT12N, R2E, Sec 18
El DoaradoT8N, R1E, Sec 9
El Paso Et AlT13N, R1.5E, Sec 1
Emil HermsdorfT10N, R6W, Sec 10
Endependence GroupT9N, R4W, Sec 6
Enkeboll PlacerT13N, R1E, Sec 22
Fand MClaimsT9N, R2E, Sec 27
Fourthof July ClaimT8N, R2E, Sec 29
Foy GroupT8N, R1E, Sec 4
Frank Thresher PropertyT8N, R3W, Sec 36
Freedomand OthersT9N, R2W, Sec 30
George Oyler GroupT13N, R1E, Sec 30
George WashingtonT9N, R3W, Sec 31
Gladstone McCabeT13N, R1E, Sec 30
GloryannaT9N, R2E, Sec 4
Gold BarT9N, R3W, Sec 33
Golden AnchorT8N, R1E, Sec 20
Golden AsterT9N, R2W, Sec 27
Golden GooseT10N, R4W, Sec 29
Golden Slipper ClaimsT13N, R10W, Sec 10
Golden SlipperT7N, R2W, Sec 18
Golden Web #1T7N, R2W, Sec 18
Gold Rock 1-12 ClaimsT8N, R3W, Sec 12
GoldsmithT8N, R3W, Sec 35
GoodenoughT15N, R9W, Sec 20
Gossan Copper Grou PT10N, R2E, Sec 6
Great Cross CutT8N, R1E, Sec 29
Great Sourthern Gold Mining Co.T13N, R1E, Sec 30
Great SouthernT8N, R3W, Sec 32
Greenback TungstenT14N, R9W, Sec 27
Half MoonT12N, R2E, Sec 7
Harris GroupT8N, R9W, Sec 13
Harrison M. Claim, UnpatentedT8N, R1W, Sec 13
HartmanT10N, R5W, Sec 16
HaydenT10N, R4W, Sec 30
HayesT13N, R8W, Sec 17
Hackberry LodesT9N, R5W, Sec 1
HenriettaT13N, R1E, Sec 31
Herbert CollumT12N, R5W, Sec 9
Hidden TreasureT10N, R2E, Sec 7
Hillside YavapaiT15N, R9W, Sec 21
Homstead ClaimT7N, R3W, Sec 10
HoromigaT9N, R2E, Sec 16
Horseshoe BarT8N, R2E, Sec 16
Hot Dog PlacersT12N, R1E, Sec 15
Huffman ClaimsT12N, R8W, Sec 18
Hull PropertyT13N, R1E, Sec 33
Humbug Gold PropertyT8N, R1W, Sec 12
Independence GroupT8N, R2W, Sec 31
Iowa GroupT12N, R2E, Sec 32
Iron King North ProspectT14N, R1E, Sec 36
Iron MountainT7N, R3W, Sec 1
JackpotT7N, R3W, Sec 3
JeromeT10N, R5W, Sec 36
John D.PlacerT8N, R2W, Sec 9
John HenryT11N, R2E, Sec 22
JohnsonT10N, R4W, Sec 29
Jo PlacerT8N, R2E, Sec 4
Kay CopperT8N, R2E, Sec 4
Kelly BrownT8N, R3W, Sec 35
King SolomonT8N, R3W, Sec 17
Kirkland Tuff QuarryT13N, R4W, Sec 28
Klanger Claims 1-3T13N, R8W, Sec 17
Last Chance MineT8N, R3W, Sec 9
LaurellaT10N, R5W, Sec 24f
Lead ChiefT12N, R5W, Sec 27
LeviathanT10N, R5W, Sec 35
Lillian And Upton PlacersT10N, R5W, Sec 36
Little Dandy ClaimsT9N, R3W, Sec 35
Little Joker MS 1537T9N, R2W, Sec 9
Little JosephT8N, R1E, Sec 7
Lone Pine GroupT10N, R3W, Sec 24
Lone PineT13N, R1E, Sec 34
Lone StarT11N, R5W, Sec 17
Long Day PegmatiteT9N, R1W, Sec 28
LookoutT13N, R1E, Sec 20
Lucky Jack And AdamsT8N, R4W, Sec 14
Lucky Johnnie And KatieT10N, R5W, Sec 25
Machulies TuffT8N, R1W, Sec 27
Magic Mountain MineT12N, R1E, Sec 14
Mahoney GoldT8N, R3W, Sec 6
ManzanitaT9N, R2W, Sec 12
McMahan GroupT11N, R4W, Sec 14
Messick PlacerT8N, R1E, Sec 30
Mica MuleT8N, R2E, Sec 7
Midnight OwlT8N, R2W, Sec 31
Miller 1 and 2T8N, R1E, Sec 11
MinorT12N, R2E, Sec 17
MistakeT8N, R5W, Sec 12
Mohave Mining And MillingT8N, R5W, Sec 14
Monarch PlacerT8N, R4W, Sec 7
Montana King GroupT9N, R4W, Sec 9
Monte Cristo Mine And MillT8N, R3W, Sec 4
Mountainside GroupT10N, R5W, Sec 36
Mountain SpringT14N, R9W, Sec 17
Mountain ViewT10N, R5W, Sec 5
Museum Mining GroupT8N, R1E, Sec 8
OctaveT9N, R4W, Sec 5
Pero BonitoT8N, R1W, Sec 12
Southwest Minerals CorpT8N, R3W, Sec 9
St.LouisT8N, R3W, Sec 8
Swiss Girl GroupT12N, R2E, Sec 17
Uncle SamT14N, R2E, Sec 11
Unida GroupT8N, R3W, Sec 8

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