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DMMR Mine Files for Maricopa County

The following is a list of our mine files that have been digitized as of July 25, 2006. Funding to digitize files pertaining to BLM land was provided by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. Many hours of hard work by our volunteers have also greatly contributed to this project. The work continues and many more files are being added each day. Because of copyright issues, the files are not available yet from our web pages. Please contact the department for more information.

Mine NameTownship, Range, Section
Acme #5T6N, R3W, Sec 5
Aguila Project PGM PromotionT6N, R8W, Sec 35
Alaska MineT5N, R10W, Sec 33
Alpha-OmegaT5N, R10W, Sec 10
Ambrosia MillT5N, R9W, Sec 3
Arizona BariteT2N, R7E, Sec 4
Arizona Spar-BariteT5N, R10W, Sec 34
ArrowheadT1S, R3W, Sec 31
Avondale SWT1S, R1W, Sec 8
BeauT3N, R7W, Sec 3
Beehive ClaimsT5N, R8W, Sec 34
Ben Hur GroupT6N, R4E, Sec 29
BennettT7N, R2W, Sec 30
Ber-MarineT5N, R6W, Sec 4
Beveridge PlacerT6N, R4W, Sec 6
Big Boulder DepositT7N, R2E, Sec 3
Bighorn Copper ProspectT4N, R9W, Sec 36
Big Horn Peak ChalcedonyT3N, R9W, Sec 15
Big Horn PitT6S, R1W, Sec 16
Big Spar MineT6N, R5W, Sec 4
Big ToadT8N, R2E, Sec 34
Black Butte Group T2S, R7W, Sec 14
Black Canyon MillT8N, R2E, Sec 15
BlackhawkT1N, R4W, Sec 11
Black NuggetT5N, R9W, Sec 20
Black Queen ManganeseT5N, R9W, Sec 19
Black QueenT2N, R8E, Sec 36
Black Rock & Red RockT4S, R7W, Sec 18
Black RockT5N, R9W, Sec 34
Blasted CactusT5S, R1W, Sec 33
BluebellT4N, R3E, Sec 22
Blue BlackT4N, R9W, Sec 4
Blue DunesT4N, R7W, Sec 27
Blue KnobT3N, R6W, Sec 11
Bobby AnnT5N, R5W, Sec 19
Bootz 1-16T8N, R3E, Sec 17
Bosley GoldT3S, R1W, Sec 12
BosqueT5S, R2W, Sec 18
BourbannaisT2S, R6W, Sec 19
Brian LodeT6N, R3E, Sec 18
Brown ClaimsT4N, R5E, Sec 20
Brown MagnetiteT4N, R9W, Sec 29
Buckeye Copper MineT2S, R6W, Sec 28
Buckeye Hills MicaT2S, R3W, Sec 20
Buffalo Ridge No. 3T4N, R3E, Sec 27
Bugger GroupT5N, R10W, Sec 28
Burnt Mountain AreaT2N, R8W, Sec 4
Cactus GroupT6N, R3W, Sec 4
Cactus QueenT6N, R4W, Sec 22
Calsite ClaimT6N, R5W, Sec 2
Carlsbad #2T6N, R5W, Sec 4
Charbonneau ClayT6N, R4W, Sec 15
Cobblers KnobT2N, R2W, Sec 18
Comeback ClaimsT6N, R4W, Sec 16
CondorT5N, R6W, Sec 12
ContactT5N, R7W, Sec 31
Contact MineT6N, R3E, Sec 19
Contention MineT4N, R3E, Sec 35
Copper BeltT5N, R10W, Sec 17
Copper CampT2S, R10W, Sec 9
Copper Hill GroupT4N, R3E, Sec 4
Copper-KidT6N, R4E, Sec 10
Corgett ProspectT1S, R2W, Sec 13
Cosh Copper QuartzT6N, R6W, Sec 21
Cosh ShaftT6N, R6W, Sec 20
Cram QuicksilverT3N, R3E, Sec 35
DahlonegaT7N, R3W, Sec 22
DaisyT6N, R3E, Sec 6
Daniel GroupT7N, R3W, Sec 13
Desert ClaimsT7N, R2W, Sec 35
Desert Flower PlacerT6N, R4W, Sec 1
Desert RoseT4N, R9W, Sec 2
Detectron ClaimsT3S, R5W, Sec 32
Dipper GroupT2S, R8W, Sec 12
Divide Iron CapT4N, R7W, Sec 20
DixieT4N, R5E, Sec 25
DoughertyT7N, R3W, Sec 21
Dove ClaimsT6N, R4W, Sec 7
EclipseT5N, R8W, Sec 25
El Cobre ClaimsT2S, R10W, Sec 10
ElderT1S, R3W, Sec 20
El Tigre Et AlT6N, R4W, Sec 20
El TigreT5N, R9W, Sec 27
Estermill MicaT1S, R3W, Sec 36
Evening StarT4N, R9W, Sec 7
First MagnitudeT6N, R5W, Sec 19
Flamingo21T6N, R4W, Sec 9
Fourthof July ClaimT8N, R2E, Sec 29
FrostT3S, R1E, Sec 24
GarciaT6N, R4W, Sec 7
General GrantT$N, R7W, Sec 11
GeronimoT6N, R1W, Sec 5
Golconda CampT7N, R6W, Sec 27
Gold Bug ClaimsT4S, R5W, Sec 2
Gold CrownT5N, R9W, Sec 24
Gold KnobT6N, R6W, Sec 26
Gold NuggetT6N, R5W, Sec 16
Gold Resort CopperT7N, R5W, Sec 21
Good EarthT2S, R4W, Sec 15
Good LuckT6N, R4W, Sec 7
Grand State SagT2N, R6E, Sec 21
Gray MetalsT6N, R6W, Sec 5
H & HT7N, R3W, Sec 17
HansonT7N, R3W, Sec 20
Hargan MinesT2S, R6W, Sec 28
Harqua GroupT2S, R7W, Sec 20
Harquahala Lime Claims, 1, 2, 3T5N, R10W, Sec 11
Harris OperationT7N, R3W, Sec 24
H H and T ClaimsT1S, R10W, Sec 32
Holder ClaimsT1N, R4W, Sec 12
Honda Bow GroupT6N, R3E, Sec 18
Horn ClaimsT5N, R9W, Sec 26
HubT6N, R5W, Sec 19
Independent1T6N, R3E, Sec 21
Ironwood PlacerT5N, R6W, Sec 25
Jumbo FloursparT6N, R5W, Sec 1
KanabeT5N, R9W, Sec 33
Kay Cee ClaimsT8N, R2E, Sec 27
Kilauea QuarryT6N, R2W, Sec 5
Kirwan Blue WashT3N, R6W, Sec 12
Kruger And SultanT4N, R3E, Sec 27
Lake Pleasant RhyoliteT6N, R1W, Sec 23
Law1-2ClaimsT4NR4N, R10W, Sec 17
Lead DikeT5N, R8W, Sec 13
Leadville-ArizonaT5N, R10W, Sec 16
Lemons FluorsparT4N, R10W, Sec 4
Light Hall MillsiteT3N, R5W, Sec 26
Little DaisyT6N, R9E, Sec 10
Little LadonnaT2N, R7E, Sec 9
Little PanT8N, R2E, Sec 29
Little SamT6N, R2W, Sec 17
LKProspectT5S, R1E, Sec 21
Lost SpaniardT4N, R7W, Sec 24
Lucky Four MineT6N, R5W, Sec 7
LuckyT5N, R9W, Sec 34
Lucky Mica Claims 1-2T6N, R5W, Sec 14
Mammoth SparT6N, R4W, Sec 7
Mamoth Claim GroupT7N, R5W, Sec 35
MaricopaT6N, R4E, Sec 8
Maricopa MicaT4S, R4W, Sec 7
MarieT6N, R7W, Sec 1
Mashackety-Pat. #2685 & 4096T6N, R4E, Sec 4
McDowell Clay DepositT4N, R6E, Sec 22
Merryman ProspectT5N, R7W, Sec 15
Mica PeerT7N, R3W, Sec 23
Milton RayT6N, R7W, Sec 20
Mollie DavenportT5N, R9W, Sec 33
MontezumaT6N, R4W, Sec 22
Moon AnchorT4N, R7W, Sec 31
MoonlightT6N, R6W, Sec 18
Morning StarT3N, R6W, Sec 6
Mountain LionT5S, R8W, Sec 23
NewsboyT6N, R4W, Sec 22
Norman Smith ProspectT4N, R7W, Sec 16
Orizba T8N, R3E, Sec 29
Pannos T4N, R6W, Sec 35
PaydayT7N, R3W, Sec 22
PaydirtT6N, R6W, Sec 26
Pearl ChemicalT6N, R3E, Sec 35
Pegmatite ClaimsT4S, R5W, Sec 4
Peoria SevenT7S, R4W, Sec 5
Perlite ClaimsT5N, R8W, Sec 33
PhoenixT6N, R4E, Sec 9
Pikes Peak Gold MineT7N, R1W, Sec 31
Pikes Peak Iron M.S. 4155T6N, R1W, Sec 18
Ploma KingT6N, R6W, Sec 11
Prieta CindaT5N, R8W, Sec 21
Princess AnnT5N, R10W, Sec 34
ProdigalT6N, R4W, Sec 16
Protectio ClaimsT5N, R7W, Sec 18
Pumpkin GlowT2S, R9W, Sec 30
PumpT5N, R8W, Sec 31
Purple PansyT5N, R8W, Sec 19
Queenof ShebaT6N, R4W, Sec 8
Rainbow MineT4N, R10W, Sec 6
Red CloudT6N, R6W, Sec 25
Red Cloud Placer ProjectT6N, R6W, Sec 22
Red LeadT2S, R4W, Sec 1
Red Mountain Silver MineT2N, R6E, Sec 24
Red RhyoliteT2S, R9W, Sec 13
RenegadeT6N, R5W, Sec 6
Rico Mercury MineT3N, R3E, Sec 34
Rico ProspectT5N, R9W, Sec 26
Rogers Well MillsiteT5N, R9W, Sec 17
RowleyT4S, R8W, Sec 25
Sacred FrogT7N, R2W, Sec 19
Sambo AguilaT5N, R8W, Sec 1
Sam GroupT6N, R2W, Sec 4
SandoT7N, R3W, Sec 28
Scott Lead MineT4N, R7W, Sec 21
Sericite & Tuff Claims T7N, R2E, Sec 27
Shady Palo VerdeT2S, R6W, Sec 17
Sil Murk MudstoneT4S, R5W, Sec 19
Sil Murk Red SandstoneT4S, R4W, Sec 19
Silver Cross T7N, R4E, Sec 28
Sleepy Hollow MineT7N, R3E, Sec 16
Smithand SmithT5N, R10W, Sec 22
SnowballT5N, R10W, Sec 29
Sod Shanty GroupT6N, R5W, Sec 7
South VultureT5N, R6W, Sec 1
Southwest ExtensionT5N, R5W, Sec 6
Southwest Salt T2N, R1W, Sec 2
Stockton ClaimT4S, R5W, Sec 12
Sue AnnT6N, R4E, Sec 4
Suffolk BasaltT7S, R1W, Sec 1
SundadT3S, R9W, Sec 7
Sunrise ClaimsT5N, R10W, Sec 14
SunriseT7N, R7W, Sec 33
SunsetT7N, R3W, Sec 16
Sunset SouthT5N, R10W, Sec 22
Suprise VentureT2N, R7E, Sec 9
Texas QueenT6N, R5W, Sec 25
TNTT1N, R4W, Sec 12
Tuff AmericanT8N, R2E, Sec 32
Twin BuzzardsT7N, R5W, Sec 29
Twin Saguaro ProspectT2S, R6W, Sec 17
Union M.S. 4575T4N, R3E, Sec 22
US Mine T4N, R8W, Sec 1
VermiculiteT1N, R3W, Sec 4
Victoria QuicksilverT3N, R3E, Sec 28
VictoryT1N, R10W, Sec 7
Victory No. 1 & 2T5N, R9W, Sec 29
Vulture T6N, R6W, Sec 36
Vulture Tuff T7N, R6W, Sec 30
W. W. Enterprize #1-4T3N, R6W, Sec 3
Weatherman MicaT7N, R3W, Sec 23
Webb GroupT4N, R3E, Sec 27
Weldon HillT4N, R10W, Sec 7
White Cloud Pat. 1494T7N, R3W, Sec 15
White HillsT7S, R1E, Sec 35
White MountainT1N, R10W, Sec 9
White PerliteT4N, R8W, Sec 11
White Star GroupT7N, R2E, Sec 27
Willbanks ProspectT6N, R1W, Sec 2
Winters Run MillT2S, R3W, Sec 6
Wisconsin ManganeseT5N, R9W, Sec 32
Yellow FlowerT5N, R10W, Sec 15

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